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Service & Warranty Information


Information regarding warranty issues with service related work is listed below.  Click HERE for quick reference pricing

Labor & Shipping Rates


A few of our rates are listed below:


Labor/Shop Hourly Rate: $90.00

Minimum Shipping/Freight Fee: $3.00  (for ALL special orders and for parts that we do not typically stock)

Minimum Estimate Charges/Fees:  See below in next paragraph

Minimum Estimate Charges/Fees


On all service related work there is a $30.00 minimum charge/fee that must be paid to Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc. if no additional work is to be performed.  This charge/fee covers our service technician's time to diagnose the issue.


Also, the work immediately stops so anything that was taken apart to be diagnosed is NOT reassembled or put back together.  If you want it to be put back together it will cost more.

45-Day Full Warranty


The 45-day full warranty is effective from the posted date on the invoice or service order and not from when a customer picks up the serviced product.


Full warranty covers parts and labor costs as long as those parts and labor relate only to the same issue(s) it was in for originally.

Covered Parts & Issues


The only parts and labor covered for the 45-day warranty are restricted to the original issue(s) the product was initially serviced for.  Any additional issues that may arise that are not in connection with original issue are NOT covered by this warranty.


Example #1:  A lawn mower cable was replaced on the drive system.  A month later the same cable broke.  This part and labor are completely covered at no cost to the customer.


Example #2:  A lawn mower cable was replaced on the drive system.  A month later a belt breaks on the drive system.  This part and labor are not covered by this warranty as it was not part of the original service performed.  It may be similar but it isn't the same part or labor code.

Turn-around Time


On service warranties we will make our very best effort to look at your product immediately or at least within a 24-hour period.  It all depends upon the product and the issue that is still happening.  These are mechanical items and things happen.  We may have to re-order parts or take several hours worth of labor to solve the issue again.  Please be patient.


On manufacturer warranties and regular repairs we try to get to items within seven (7) business days or sooner.  Depending upon the season we can even be nearly two weeks, 14 business days, out!

Manufacturer Warranties


We support and welcome any manufacturer warranties that we can process.  We process warranties for Stihl and several other brands.  Please contact us before you assume we can offer warranty covered service work on your item(s).  Also, please make sure to bring any receipts and documentation necessary.  Manufacturers need documentation to make sure everything is legit.  As always, all information & brand support is subject to change without notice!


Not every issue that arises is a warrantable issue.  Fuel issues, air & fuel filters, operator error and wear parts are typically not covered by warranties.  Warranties only apply to defects in a product, part or workmanship; NOT due to typical usage & wear.  And no, a dirty air filter or old fuel isn't the fault of a manufacturer!

Pick-Up and/or Delivery


We currently offer pick-up and/or delivery on sale and service items, ONLY.  We do NOT offer pick-up and/or delivery for rental items.  Contact us to find out what vehicle or trailer you will need to haul our rental items.


Prices for pick-up and delivery are currently as follows (subject to change without notice):

Base fee PLUS mileage; this is for one piece of equipment.  Additional items are $10.00 each flat fee

$25.00 base fee

$1.00 per mile (x4) outlined below:

Trip from shop-to-customer & back (customer-to-shop)

Trip from shop-to-customer & back (customer-to-shop)

We typically do not go further than 15-20 miles one-way as it can get very costly for the customer; however, if the customer is ok with large pick-up and delivery fees, we may still offer the service

For instance, a customer 20 miles away would pay the following:

$25.00 base fee + $80.00 (20 miles x4) = $105.00 + $5.78 (tax) = $110.78

The $110.78 is ONLY for the pick-up and delivery fee; it does NOT include the actual service charges for working on the equipment we are picking up.

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