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Returns, Refunds, Replacements & Deposits Policies


Below will explain a little about returns, refunds, replacements and deposits.  These policies are subject to change at any time and not at notice to the customer.  Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc. has the right to change these policies or deny service to anyone.



All sales are final unless item(s) being returned is/are at the mistake of Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc.  Rare exceptions can be made if customer is willing to pay a restocking fee and necessary shipping charges for Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc. to send part or product back to the original manufacturer or supplier.


For wholegoods such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws and trimmers the customer cannot return a product.  If the product is acting up it will be run through the warranty and service department to find a solution.  Remember, they are mechanical pieces and nothing is perfect.  We will solve your issue as quick as possible.



Much like the "returns" policy above, refunds are only given if a mistake is made by Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc.



Replacement products are not available.  If a new product is acting up it will be run through the warranty and service department.


If a customer purchases a certain size product and doesn't use it, however, they can "exchange" or trade-up into a bigger unit.  They cannot downgrade, however.  If the product they originally purchased has been used, even slightly, there is no replacement or trade-up scenario available.

Deposits & Pre-Payments


Any deposits or pre-payments on rentals, reservations, special order parts or wholegoods and any other categories are non-refundable.  Deposits and pre-payments are meant to secure something.  Giving that money back would be counter-productive and certainly against the reason the deposit or pre-payment was made in the first place.


All special order parts must be paid for in advance.

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