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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions on a number of different topics.  If you don't see the question or answer you are looking for please contact us directly to get the best information.  Changes to the FAQ section may take place from time-to-time so please check back for the most up-to-date answers and information.  Thank you!

When renting an item, do I pay for just the time I use it or that I have it?


When an item or items are rented the renter pays for the entire time they have the item(s).  Even if you only use the item for, lets say, three hours but have it for five, you will pay for five hours.  We do this because while the rental item is out, even if not being used, we cannot rent it until it returns to the store!  There are also no overnight drop-offs.


You also are responsible for the item(s) you rent during the time you load the item until you unload it.  If it's stolen, damaged or whatever else happens to it you are on the hook.  It's certainly not our fault you left it outside overnight or that you didn't tie it down.


If it is a fueled item you also must supply your own fuel.

Is the daily rate for a rental considered a "work day" or 24-hours?


MOST items daily rate is 24-hours from time-out to time-in.  There are occasions where there are other restrictions on the amount you can use the item.  For instance, you can keep our skid loader for 24 hours, but you may only have eight (8) hours of run time on the meter inside it's cab.  Who'd drive it for 24 hours straight anyway!


Make sure that you bring back the item(s) clean otherwise there will be additional charges to the rental rates.

Parts; do you have them in-stock?  If not, do I have to pay for shipping, etc.?


We have upwards of 10,000 parts in-stock from multiple suppliers at any given time.  Please supply us ALL possible engine, model, serial and part numbers that you have.  We can't simply go by, "it's a red machine," or "it's a Toro!"  It doesn't work that way!  Cars and trucks have different engines, transmissions, electronics, etc.; just like outdoor power equipment can.  Specific model and serial numbers will designate what exactly your machine has.  One model year to the next can also change, so please have all numbers possible.  If you need help finding your model and serial numbers please let us know and we can certainly try to help you!


If we don't have your part in-stock we will have to order it from a supplier.  They charge shipping so you will be charged shipping.  We can't supply every part possible, we'd be broke.  Minimum shipping charges start at $2.00 and go up from there depending upon many factors.

You offer pick-up and delivery but for what?  Rentals?  Sales?  Service?


Pick-up and delivery is ONLY available for sales and service of equipment and there is a charge.  We do not offer pick-up or delivery for rental items simply because we'd be running everywhere all of the time.  If you don't know what size trailer or vehicle you'll need to pick-up your rental please call and ask!  We won't cram a tiller into a car trunk, sorry.

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