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Rental Reservations

Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc.


3650 8th Street South
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

Tel: 715-421-5500
Fax: 715-421-5516



We do not offer pick-up and/or delivery of rental items.  Contact us if you need help knowing what size vehicle you need to pick up item(s) reserved.


*There are no guarantees on availability of rental item(s) by submitting this form; only upon confirmation by Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc.*

If necessary, contact us via telephone for quicker responses on availability.  Certain items may not be available for instant or next-day pick-up.


  • Customer is responsible for item during entire rental period and is liable for damage, theft, etc.

  • Customer is charged on rental time-out TO time-in; not for time used.

  • Customer is responsible and charged for time in which Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc. is closed.

  • By renting said item(s), customer is agreeing they are of proper mind and body to use item(s).  No warranty is made.

  • Valid contract, signature, credit card and proper photo I.D. will be required in person at pick-up.

  • Person picking-up rental item(s) will be responsible for items; their information will be recorded.  No pick-ups for a third party unless prior authorization is received.


Rapids Rental & Supply Co., Inc. reserves the right to deny service or rental to anyone at anytime and at their own discretion.  Terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime and not at notice to customer.  Please contact us directly for the most up-to-date information.


We will contact you via phone or email within 24 hours after we receive you reservation request to confirm your inquiry.

We will contact you to verify your reservation soon. Thank you!

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